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Wellness Rituals

Ritual of the Gardens of Capri
deep nourishing

Imagine the inebriating smell of fresh lemons, the scent of sea breeze caressing your skin and the sight of breathtaking landscapes! This beautiful couple ritual illuminates the skin and gives complete relaxation to the brain energies. The treatment is a synergy made of lemon (rich in vitamin C) and a velvety earth that is massaged slowly over your body. It deeply regeneratesl the skin cells and leaves you an intense sense of peace.

Duration: 60 min
Cost per couple € 170

Ritual of the Bamboo Forest

This ritual offers a magical atmosphere, a sort of trip through the perfumes of a pristine and lush forest. Your skin will be wrapped in an extraordinary massage made with organic bamboo woods, that perfectly match the contours of your body and face, rotate and gently slide on the muscular ridges, model and redesign the silhouette. Thanks to the stimulation of the reflex zones, the deeper tensions and stresses will vanish, the skin tissues will be extremely toned, bright and rejuvenated, the Spirit will rediscover an extraordinary energetic vitality.

Duration: 60 min
Cost per couple € 200

Hammam Ritual

The ritual of ancient Egypt. In the famous novel by Abur Quir and ABur Sir it is said that the exaltation of the Hamam is the ideal place to bring your physical and spiritual well-being to the highest level.
The programme starts with a steam bath featuring chromotherapy and aromatherapy. Next follows the body's cleansing according to the ancient ritual of applying savon noir (black soap) using a horsehair glove (kassa). Once rinsed with fresh water, the 'rhassoul' ceremony takes place, using a special clay which absorbs and removes fats. And then a final aromatherapy massage uses essential oils with highly-nutritious properties making your skin stimulated and supple.
Now you can totally relax and complete your wellness programme by alternating the dry heat of the sauna with a relaxing bath in the panoramic jacuzzi.

Duration: 90 min
Individual treatment € 90
Couple treatment € 200

Red Grape Ritual
anti-aging elixir

The richness of red grapes is unbeatable as a treatment to restore your skin's smooth, soft and unblemished qualities and, above all, its toned appearance. As a true anti-aging elixir, it helps the body to regain its suppleness, firmness and vitality.
This treatment includes: a warm anti-aging massage with vinaccioli seed oil; a light scrub with sugar and grape seeds, a grape juice mask, rich in precious polyphenols which bring about a powerful antioxidant, regenerative and stimulating effect on the natural collagens of the skin.

Duration: 75 minutes
Individual treatment € 85
Couple treatment € 190