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Facial treatments


The treatment includes a thorough cleansing and purification of the skin, followed by a dynamizing massage and then the application of a purifying face mask with white clay, enriched with a concentrate of Vitamin C derived from citrus. It eliminates toxins and free radicals. Also recommended for shiny and impure skins.

Duration 50 min
€ 50


Real relief for the most sensitive skin, with tendency to couperose, dryness and redness. The treatment includes a skin cleansing with a rebalancing scrub, massage and soothing face mask: the skin, hydrated by minerals and nourished by vitamins, becomes softer and more relaxed.

Duration 50 min
€ 60


Specific treatment with a lifting, redensifying, elasticizing and firming action, for atonic and devitalized skin, marked by the first wrinkles. The treatment includes an initial scrub, followed by a massage and the application of a mask rich in magnesium, silicon, vitamins and other nutrients. The skin is more plump and firm, the oval of the face is redefined and filled.

Duration 50 min
€ 60


This treatment is an extraordinary combination of active ingredients: it exploits the antioxidant power of grape polyphenols together with oligoelements and vitamins of algae and other precious nutrients to work deeply on all layers of the skin. It vitalises the skin fibers and strengthens the elastic matrix / collagen. Attenuates skin spots. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines, also with focus on the eye area. A final hyper-moisturizing massage completes the treatment. The firming effect is immediate and long-lasting.

Duration 70 min
€ 85

Man Face Treatment

This treatment is designed for the care of the male image and it includes: facial cleansing, massage and specific mask for the needs of male skin.
The majority of male skin alterations are not due to age but to the way in which man manages his daily life: stress, atmospheric pollution, sedentary life and smoke, attack its epidermal ecosystem and cause its oxidation. The skin becomes easily irritable after shaving, the fibers lose their elasticity and wrinkles appear more pronounced. The treatment specifically works on these aspects, smoothing wrinkles and micro-alterations.

Duration 50 min
€ 50