The magic of a medieval village

The sky line of Loro Piceno and the very essence of its ancient history are represented by the imposing high-medieval castle, around whose circles the life of the feudal village, of the Earth and of the Municipality has been unraveled for centuries, and which still is the soul and the body from which winding alleys of ancient cobblestones, houses and buildings in gilded terracotta, gently sloping down towards the plain and modernity. And meanwhile the gaze runs away from the sea to the mountains, from the Marca of Ancona to the Piceno, between a rippling of ferocious lands and a transparent overlapping of laughing ridges. The sweetness of the surrounding hills, the serenity of the landscape, the neatness and rigor of the various restorations made to the urban plant, make Loro Piceno a very pleasant place of residence and a popular tourist destination.


Treasures yet to be discovered

This beautiful part of Le Marche identified as the province of Macerata is a land rich in hidden treasures, still unspoilt by mass tourism. Locals are very welcoming and genuinely happy to share with visitors the incredible heritage that these places keep. Every season will show its own different shades.


Our rooms

Within the majestic seventeenth-century villa – restored with great care and elegance, and retaining many of its original architectural features – 10 exclusive rooms and suites have been revealed from the original spirit of the building. The original glamour of the house still radiates from its ancient walls and combines perfectly with sophisticated, modern details and stylish facilities.


Our two standard rooms are relatively small (24 sqm) but very comfortable, ideal for a short stay. Located at the top floor, once an attic used to store weat, they feature wooden beams and terracotta ceiling and a cozy bathroom with large shower.


These delightful and spacious rooms, furnished with great taste, some with a four-poster bed, are a true romantic and exclusive hideaway for couples. Perfect for longer stays or to grant yourself a one-night luxury treat.


Spacious (42-46 sqm) and bright suites. Every tiny detail has been taken care of, to offer you a perfect and exclusive stay. Bathroom features an inbuilt tub. Some suites also offer a private terrace.


Best Price Guaranteed