Il vino cotto

The taste of ancient traditions

Loro Piceno is the capital of vino cotto, a very peculiar product literally meaning “cooked wine”. Inside the noble palaces in the town centre (as well as at Villa Anitori) you can still find an interesting architecture of structures that were functional to pressing grapes and boiling wine.
The locals are very proud of their own “vino cotto” as every barrel keeps the nuances and the taste that a particular producer obtained through its own ability and secrets passed on to every generation.
Vino cotto is a typical wine of this area traditionally concentrated in a very narrow area in the province of Macerata and partially in that of Fermo. Strong and sweet, amber in colour, with an intense fruits scent. The production technique dates back to the Piceni who in turn took it from the Greek and hasn’t chnged much since then. Plauto in 191 b.C. describes vino cotto as one of the best beverages to be served at a banquet. In the town of Loro Piceno a permanent exhibition is dedicated to the tools and techniques used in the making of vino cotto and a small museum is located in an evocative location next to the porch of San Francesco church


Brands outlets

Land of artisans and luxury crafts

Le Marche is among the leading manufacturing regions in Italy, especially concerning clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Craftsmen tradition has always been widespread withn its population and has evolved into a high end manufacturing industry.
The tiny little village of Loro Piceno is close to several productive districts, each unique for their peculiar crafts and it is indeed possible to shop around both at some artisanal workshops and at the factory outlets of well known fashion and design brands. Macerata and Fermo provinces are primarily known for shoes (Tod’s, Prada, Loriblu, Santoni, Fornarina, Paciotti, Fabi, Bikkembergs, NeroGiardini), jewels (Brosway) and fashion accessories, like hats and knitwear.
Tolentino is the place to go for leather sofas and accessories, being home to Poltrona Frau, Valdichienti and Nazareno Gabrielli, while Treia is famous for its kitchen industries (Lube, Vismap).
Take the chance to visit a fancy factory outlet or a little craftsmen workshopon to complete your stay at Villa Anitori with a touch of glamour.


Treasures yet to be discovered

This beautiful part of Le Marche identified as the province of Macerata is a land rich in hidden treasures, still unspoilt by mass tourism. Locals are very welcoming and genuinely happy to share with visitors the incredible heritage that these places keep. Every season will show its own different shades.


Our rooms

Within the majestic seventeenth-century villa – restored with great care and elegance, and retaining many of its original architectural features – 10 exclusive rooms and suites have been revealed from the original spirit of the building. The original glamour of the house still radiates from its ancient walls and combines perfectly with sophisticated, modern details and stylish facilities


Our two standard rooms are relatively small (24 sqm) but very comfortable, ideal for a short stay. Located at the top floor, once an attic used to store weat, they feature wooden beams and terracotta ceiling and a cozy bathroom with large shower.


These delightful and spacious rooms, furnished with great taste, some with a four-poster bed, are a true romantic and exclusive hideaway for couples. Perfect for longer stays or to grant yourself a one-night luxury treat.


Spacious (42-46 sqm) and bright suites. Every tiny detail has been taken care of, to offer you a perfect and exclusive stay. Bathroom features an inbuilt tub. Some suites also offer a private terrace.


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